Thursday, January 27, 2011


I found my cord to transfer pics from my cam to the pute!

Christmas was SO fabulous this year!  
SUCH meaningful gifts!  
SO GREAT being all together!

Quinn & I did some Park City shopping Christmas Eve
 Sexy slicked hair right?!
Dixie Loved the Snow  (yeah right!)

Mom finished the quilts that my Nana made for my Brothers - before she died!  
Log Cabin for Quinn

Austin's is a Dresden Plate, all hand sewed together!

Holly got Art Classes - SO exciting, she is totally an Artiste!
 (She wouldn't like if I posted the pic of her clapping & crying but, it was cute!)

I got a SWEET hiking backpack
are my pants a little tight or what?!
And a mini umbrella for Dixie... jk
Oh and the ever-famous, Ridiculous... Shake-Weight!

And Mom & Dad...
Surprised each other with a PAINTING... 
totally Secret, totally seperate!

Dad's is of the house he grew up in in Provo Canyon, Spring Dell

Mom's was of Nana's antique sewing machine!

What a great SURPRISE!! 

The Parentals got Dixie... fixed shall we say.  
Post drugged - HA!  man she was zoooned OUT!  ha ha ha
Dad snapped us sleeping!

And... (drum roll)
Mom & Dad made me layout my 'one block wonder' quilt after 2 yrs of fretting!
(6 pieces of triangles that make hexagon/kaleidescope blocks) 
I ONLY have the border left!

If you want to see the pic of me as an elf, click here.


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Kirsten said...

beautiful quilts! I can't remember my last white Christmas. :( so jealous!