Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

My AWESOME, CREATIVE friend Cara does the Top 10 Tuesday on her blog and I love it!  
So... I'm copying you!  You have many qualities I would like to glean Cara, hope ya don't mind!

Top 10 Bad Luck things of 2011... already!

10 - I shopped WAY too much from 12/22 - 1/9
9 - I STILL have zits.  how old am I? eek
8 - My porch window lock broke & I had to put a stick in it to keep robbers out
7 - A neighboring driver told me my right tail light is out.
6 - A fellow driver told me my right back tire was flat, yes, only 15lbs in it.
5 - My hair dryer blew out Sunday mid dry for teaching sharing time - fuzzy hair. 
4 - I almost killed Dixie AND a door fell on my car & dented & scratched it!
3 - My car is still making a hideous noise & 3 people have different ideas of what's wrong.
2 - My HOA SUCKS and does nothing but drive me insane.
1 - My mortgage co. screwed me over on refinancing!


Kirsten said...

I'm sorry your 2011 isn't turning out so great for you -yet- hopefully (for your sake) you will have a cheerier top ten list next week. "Top ten ridiculously awesome things that happened this week!"

Cara said...

ok...that does sound bad if you list them out on paper...but no worries...it's all on the UP now right? This week's top 10 will have to be "Top 10 Reasons I am Classy and Fabulous" How about that? Let's do it together.......up for the challenge?