Thursday, January 20, 2011

Near Death Experience

Cleaning out my garage and de-junking, makes me happy.  
I hate it. 
I don't know how I have 4 bags of shredding to do...
Clothes that are now crop tops...
Piles from my car that I dump in my garage, weekly.

Dixie barking at the door to come out, so I put her on a leash & wrap the handle around the handle of the door from my master 'water closet'.  ( I had to remove it, too small of a space in there WITH the door)
The door leans against the wall in the garage and has been there for 3 yrs.  Dix usually just sits & watches.

No sooner had I walked to the edge of the garage - I hear a HUGE slam!!!
I turn around and burst into tears...
the door had SLAMMED (not just hit) my car hood... & slid down the side of the car resting on the garage floor!!!
Dead under the door SMOOSHED into the cement?!!
Lifted up the door, no Dix... AAAHH!!  (Freeeaking out!)  
Looking around, Bryn saw her in the street!  She had BOLTED when it started to fall I guess.  Hers was shaking & quivering & scared to death!  

Tender mercy... God knew I couldn't go on with that guilt!  ha!

I think the door wasn't as 'leaning' as it used to be, probably me fidgeting w/ the handle jostled it into free-fall.  

As for my car, a BIG white paint streak w/ dent, another 3" big dent & slam waves in the hood.  
What do you do?
I guess just laugh it up to all the other crap going on w/ my car this month!


Kirsten said...

i'm glad you and dixie are ok. really sorry about your car. Once John had hung up bikes in the ceiling in our garage. One day I was getting out of my car and a bike came crashing down on around me. Some how i miraculously survived without a scratch, but right behind me was a huge gouge in my car.

Cara said...

that was scary!!! But good thing it had a happy ending - for Dix...not your car. I have a coupon for Danny's car wash maybe they can buff it out?