Wednesday, January 5, 2011


No... This post is not to say I'm off into the sunset... 
DREAMY, I wish!!

This is how I roll... Me & Dixie, she is snuggled in my sweatshirt at the airport!
Oh hers was such a good trooper, we received many 'Ooooh look at the puppy Mommy!'
She was mostly quiet, slight whining when the planes took forever to take off and she had to camp out under the seat.  But I'd give her a B+/B on a graded scale.  (Do they actually give letter grades anymore?)

THIS... is how lovely it was to be IN winter!
We were in Park City post shopping, Jesse wanted to come and yelled at us to get back in the car and wouldn't let us have any hot chocolate b/c it was a waste of $.  How is hot chocolate different from his Diet Coke 7x's a day?  hmmm, hollers later, he reversed into the gas station and Mom and I went in to get a cup of yummy to warm us up!  Look how HAPPY Hot Chocolate made Mommy...

Needless to say, parental overload!  OY!  But now, I miss them :) Awe.

I wish I was here...
Right now!

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Kirsten said...

I wish I was in London too.