Monday, January 17, 2011

Big Bang Theory

If you haven't seen the show BIG BANG THEORY, you are MISSING out!!!
It's Clever!
It's SO Funny!
It's my total favorite!
The actor that plays Sheldon, an uber smart, slightly asberger effected scientist WON a Golden Globe last night!

This is one of my favorite moments from the 3rd season, Sheldon hasn't slept, trying to figure a formula out and snaps!  He is very dry and when he makes a funny, he says, "BaZiNgA"!!  Watch it!

The movie THE FIGHTER is THE BEST movie of 2010!  Seriously, it's about relationships, faith in people, persistence - Literally, it's amazing!  Not too much blood, one lingerie scent but This movie has HEART!  It's seriously better than the trailer linked above!
 These 2 were nominated for Golden Globes and WOW their performances were Awe-Inspiring! 

Lastly, my friend told me about this site Tumblr  I guess any pic you see online, you can put it in your Tumbler acct and save it.  Like decor mag's, other blog's, pics from the newspaper.  I looked at hers and it was SO great!  No need to buy magazines again!  And, you can group your pics.  I'm going to check it out! 

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Cara said...

seriously....those big bang guys actually look sexy in that that even possible??? I'll help you set up your tumblr account when I come to shred your docs.