Thursday, January 13, 2011

Humor of the day

This week has been one huge SHIT SANDWICH

One awesome brunette and her husband have picked me up off the ledge.
SO iMmensLY grAteful for them!!!

So, when the blood bank called and said that a patient needed my BLOOD and could I come in and donate... I immediately said YES!  (pay it forward right?!)
She said, "Really? usually we have to bribe people to come in. Hmmm, well we have free tickets to the Phx Open golf tournament if you want them."  ok.

Today, 3:45 was my turn to save a life.  AWESOME!
The Vampire working there who goes thru 1000 ?'s at warp speed asks,
"have you been out of the country in the last 12 months?"
I blissfully retort, yes, NEW ZEALAND!!!!
She gets the the hauntavirus questions and says, "Now is New Zealand in Europe?"
my eyes widen.  "I'm just going to check the list, hmmm is it in the UK? (checking list)
hmmm, nope"  REALLY?!!

I told her it was over by Australia.
I should have said... it's part of Malasia.  She wouldn't have known where that was either.
Funny stuff I say.  

A big shout out for this lady and being fabulous this week!

(i swore i would never show this pic but... charming charlie's brings out our best girlie side! ha)


Kirsten said...

I'm sorry you had a bad week. My 8 year old could tell you where New Zealand is.

Cara said...

I found you friend!! Yes, I'm that stalker....haha. No I just got your blog off your FB page. Your blog is darling - just like you. Had fun today even though we were doing "not" fun stuff. excited to be blog friends♥