Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday Trois

Top 10 Things I want to do in 2011

10.  Spend more time at the beach
9.   Take a class - ya know, whatev - dance, painting, cooking etc.
8.   Go to Ireland & the Isle of Man (land of my ancestors)
7.   Get 'financially fit' according to Dave Ramsey
6.   Actually DO my Hair & Make-Up every day
5.   Run more
4.   Learn Spanish
3.   Cook more - aka like Giada
2.   Learn to play the Guitar
1.   Do a Triathalon


Kirsten said...

very ambitious. I'd like to take a class too. not sure what though. cake decorating, cooking, photography maybe? (I'd need a better camera for that though)

Cara said...

I ♥ your list. Very do-able! and sounds like a lot of fun!