Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh Jesse...

The other night my we were taking stuff to my storage unit and it was about 7 pm - DARK outside.  As we are driving up the street, I told my Dad it's probably closed, I think it closes at 6 pm.  Up the street he assures us we won't have a problem getting in... 

Back and forth, turning the corner... Behind us comes a Snap On Tools truck.  The truck pulls up to the gate to punch his code.  "I've seen these guys coming and going in here" he says. Jesse pulls up next to him... in the exit lane!

WHAT!  No, Dad!  he is edging closer and closer to the gate...  "But I have to put my code in specifically" I holler.  the gate begins to retract, closest to us... Jesse ROARS thru the gate and around the bend... leaving the Snap On guy in the dust!  
Oh boy!

We unload and the Snap On guy is at the end of my storage row, facing us, unloading.
We breeze by him, around the rows to the exit.  Yeah, we have to put in a code to get out!  My code keeps bleeping at me and the screen says, "Access denied Queenie"  (or something close to that!)  I get out and try to squeeze thru the gates... um, a little too busty.  I said, "Dad we better go find that Snap On guy to let us out".  We pull around the row and...

His truck is GONE!  MAYDAY!  
I shout, "step on it or we're locked in and I have to pay a fine to the owners!"  Jesse floors it around the back curve...  "Dad, what if he is already at the gate and we missed him!"

As we come around the last row, there's the truck and they guy was getting in his car.  
Haaaa, I am dying laughing that Jesse has to go save face w/ this guy he beat off the line to get INTO this place!   "uh, sir... Hi... remember me from the front gate..."  
blaaahh ha ha ha

Cute Snap On guy introduces himself as Adam and says he'll just be a minute and, "yeah I wondered if you'd get locked in here b/c it's afterhours!"  HA!  

Oh Dad!  You think you're so sneaky!


Kirsten said...

cute single snap on guy? did you get his number?

Cara said...

sooo funny! Your dad is a HOOT!