Saturday, February 26, 2011

Garage Saleing Part 1

Cara asked me the other day if Garage saleing could count for VT.
I... said yes!  My kinda visit!

So, off we go... Abb's and Dixie snuggled in the back seat.

It was gorgeously overcast so garage sales were SCARCE...  nada.
We hit the Mesa Swap Meet -  Poopy, thumbs down.

Then shuttled off to downtown Mesa, it's been awhile since I've hit Mesa.
(If you know me, ya know my feelings on Mesa)
It was Fun!  Cute boutiques and shops amidst sprinkles.

I tried on a couple shirts at one salon/boutique and their restroom was... AMAZING!
This paint is divine!  Ralph Lauren, Silver - 3+ coats.
Yum!  I totally love this for my future powder room! 
With hot Pink?  HOTT!

How cute would this chair be, recovered in funky fab? 

Garage Sale adventure part 2... today! 
more to come later.

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Cara said...

it sure was fun and your chair looks so cute in my living room!