Friday, February 18, 2011

You want my digits?

I finally did it!!!

Why do I have 4 phones you ask?  
Ya know, I"m popular...
I gots all the peeps ringin' me...

The Damask Blackberry is my work phone... 
(phone 1)
And I've never wanted to change my simple ph# over. 

I really like simple phones.  I loved my red LG phone, for like 3 yrs.
(phone 2)
When it was turning off by itself, then the charger jack died...
I freaked.
Last summer, Cindy and I went to look at new phones. 
I convinced her (it wasn't hard) to use her free upgrade!
(I had one too but I liked my simple phone)
I coyly asked,
"can I have your old phone to use to charge my battery?"
She obliged, even though Rayley would've loved 2 have it 4play.
So nice!  (phone 3)

Then Bryn did some swanky talkin and sold me on the iphone.
EEK, these things are hard to touch text on...
and I don't need all the gadgets...
(b/c i'm NOT high maintenence)
But, She promised to help me and, it'd be fun.
She finally convinced me to join her family plan.
(phone 4)

For a month, I haven't been able to give up my easy old zebra phone. (2)
Though I'm always carrying around 4 phones! 

4 calls to the phone company later,
getting hung up on 3 times

I finally have not more easy text phones.
Just... my fun iphone!
(and my annoying work Blackberry)

From 4 down to 2
I feel lighter!

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Kirsten said...

yay! I love my iphone! you will love it too!