Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You have to KISS a lot of frogs... 10 Frogs...

"This, you see, is my ultimate ambition –
to live a simple life with the frog I love."
-Miss Piggy

Let's discuss WHY... there have been a LOT of frogs in my life... 

1 - "Why did you leave UT, were you escaping from a polygamist marriage?"

2 - "You're parents are coming to visit, is your Dad a polygamist?"

3 - When I don't text u back pronto tonto, u text me... *sniffles*  REALLY?!!

4 - You think I'm High Maintenence... b/c I have a job & car & a house?
Would you rather I be homeless, ride the bus & on welfare?

5 - When the check comes at dinner, you get on your phone... 
and walk outside... I have to pay just to get the hell outta there.

6 - Do your buddies keep you warm at night?

7 - Oh, you're dating a married girl on the side?  Good morals dude.

8 - Distance... how do I always find/date guys that live 500 miles away?

9 - How do I count the Asexual-Metro dudes in AZ...

10 - You can't figure out where your life is going & have multiple personalities.

I should start a blog - The Ex BF Club

I'm NOT bitter, dating stories are worthy of SNL!


nicholas said...

at least you still have a sense of humor. i'm sure you could write a book. names being changed to protect the "innocent" and all...here's to hoping you finally find that prince you deserve.

nicholas said...

oops- this is kirsten. didn't realize I was signed in on Nick's account!

Cara said...

So Funny! Love the one where the check came and he got on his phone and walked out.........loser! I wish I had a ton of single straight friends to set you up with! Because you know.....you're awesome and all♥