Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Elf & Christmas Baking

I'm always the elf.
Because I'm single.
My Mom has this ELF costume that she (tries to) makes me wear for our family Christmas party  - for my million cousins and their million +1 kids!  b/c I'm the only single one!  Entertaining the kidlets may be my specialty and now, I think Elfery is my other Christmas specialty.

For our ward party my friend Cara decorated in grand fashion, GORGEOUS white drapings from the ceiling w/ lights down the middle, a HUGE white 3 panel hutch that read, "Santa's Sweet Shop" with cupcakes, pies, jars of colorful candy and WOW! 

Whe asked me to help w/ the pics w/ Santa, 'entertain the kids and make them smile, I have an Elf hat for you!'.  hmmmm.  Yes - singing, moving, blinging bells, dancing hat.  Well, they smiled alright. 
 It WAS really fun :)

Friday night Patty invited me over to see what her and Amberlyn had BAKED... holy baking!  Peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate, oreo clusters, Sugar cookies that we decorated up, pie - mounds of BAKED GOODS, mmm!  They must have been baking for like 6 hours!  We gossiped and decorated cookies, FUN!

Saturday Glenda the Mean Witch of Gilbert made me get up at 5:30 AM!!!  What the?!!  
Our Quest... was to see the sunrise and get around this ridge in 4 hours.  But whyyyyyy so early?!
There was serious rock climbing involved!  But...
 In the cave. 
It was... BEAUTIFUL!
Totally worth it!
SO fun!There is a cave up there!! Waaay up there!

Good times Lori, Stacy & Glenda!  :)  :)  :)
And it only took us like 4.5 hours.  Not to mention my knee was spazzming at the end going down the mountain, and my calves have burned for 2 days.  

Here is a preview of my Mom's Christmas card... hilarious photo shoot in front of Mar's house.  LOL.
Sunday, I had to make tags for our Primary teacher gifts AND do sharing time.  I was a mad-woman!  The second I sat down, I think I passed out.  However, it was WONDERFUL to hear the children singing Christmas songs - my little heart grew big! (like in the Grinch)

Suz called and asked if I would help her finish a Chrismas Craft.  mmm, but of course my dear!  We looove it!  I'm kinda having advent calendar envy :)So she came over w/ this cute advent calendar idea, each day magnetizes to a muffin tin and you put a treat behind it.  Man, the creative juices were FLOWIN!  My fav is the snowman  on #17.

It turned out crafty on steroids!   Katie, Suz and I watched 'The Holiday' and crafted.  It was a DrEaMy Sunday evening (with too many delicious chocolate treats they brought me!)!

Monday my cheffery friend Kirsten hosted Gingerbread house night!  She does this EVERY MONDAY in December!  Remember, she's kind-of a single Mom w/ 4 kids?!  yeah, she makes ALL the gingerbread and hosts 5 families (and one single gal).  This is my 2nd 'gingi' house ever!  

A lake of course, my favorite, where the marshmallow gingerbread lovers probably waterski in the summer.  3 Snowman friends, a flower garden, green apple licorice roof, gummy berries along the roofline, Santa peeking out from the back and my fav... NERDS for Christmas lights all along the roofline!  aah ha ha ha ha!!

I'm kinda proud!

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