Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas City

The 1st weekend of December is the annual 
Prescott Christmas Parade!!!
 Prescott is like the Christmas city of something and it's basically a little square in the middle of town w/ shops around and the BEST PIZZA EVER!!! 
 Literally, we eat there every DAY we are in Prescott!  mmm.
Ashley, Olivia & I ventured up to the cold.  I was sad all the snow had melted but it was still chilly!

We met this guy while waiting for the parade to start.  He was SERIOUSLY 7' tall!  He was looking for someone to take his pic b/c he was IN the parade.  We asked what float he was on, he said he was JESUS.  At the end of the parade before Santa.  hmmm.  So, this was him...
JESUS, in a cloud or heaven or SoMeThInG... hands outstretched to Mary & Joseph, to delivery the babe...  isn't this the most WEIRD thing you've ever seen....We LAUGHED so hard!  Only his hands showed! 

Luckily Olivia's Dad has a cabin up IN the mountains!  It's so cozy and fun to watch movies.  In the summer we camped when all the nieces & nephews we sleeping in the attic/loft.  THIS cabin ROCKS!
The kitchen, where we saw a mouse run across the log and couldn't find him in the kitch.

The snuggle bed and bark-a-lounger, if you have good eye-site you can see the tv from here.

The family room.  This couch is adorable, I'm sure Anne apholstered it, it's TINY!  HA!  fit's like, 2.

This is the cabin!  There is an apt in the basement but we only like the cozy upstairs cabin!  

Good Times have been had here!  Can't wait till Bryn get's home to go again!
It's good to have a little Mountain break in this dessert Desert!

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