Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Turkey Lurky

Oh what a FABULOUS Thanksgiving weekend!

So HAPPY my parents drove through a snowstorm to be with ME!  It's so nice to come home to them in my house!  They are so willing to take Dix out all the time and take her on little walks.  So cute!  My Dad is still... nervous someone will break into his car and steal his coats if he leaves them locked in the car.  duh!  This is AZ, no one wants your coats... they want your electronics, or guns or something.  Ha!  The parents moved all my furniture and rented a carpet cleaner and shampooed all my carpets!  Dreamy, SO clean!  Dix can't sniff any sort of hoo-haa to get up on.  THANKFUL for them!  I got to sleep on my couch all week and fall asleep watching tv, nice.  Good thing my couch is great!  Birthday dinner at Brio w/ Auntie & Dad for their TWIN Birthday, DELICIOUS!  We made our little Thanksgiving dinner and of course, ate on the porch - at high noon... so we all had to wear sunglasses. 

And later, Glenda & Chuck & Kirsten's fam came over for PIE!
Katie's fam invited us to Tucson to see artistic Indian (with a feather) delights,
the parentals loved it.
We even found this SWEET picture perfect spot...
look how awesome the pic I took is... symmetrical...

Look at what I get... door frame chopped off, uncentered, UGH!

Sunday lunch at my Aunt & Uncle's was HOTT!!!  Green hatch chili's w/ melted cheese & greek yogurt, yummy and smokin hot!  My face was red.
Then this hodge podge soup...
Amazing & SPICY!  (like me)  Dude!  ha.

Best of all, my Dad helped me clean and de-junk 5 HUGE garbage bags of clothes and decor from my room & garage!  We even got it out and donated it!  I feel SO free!  
Happy Day!

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