Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good-bye Emery

SaD FaCe!!!
Em is moving to Florida to be w/ her fam.
This is happy but sad too.
Of course she wanted to do a photo shoot w/ Dix.  LOL.
Brunette Mommy is a VERY good Mommy!
Hers loves Dix soooo much. (said with face scrunched.  ha)

I love this that we are SO cheesy.  HA!

Em & I have loved the Nosh for YEARS!!!  It's 'our' spot!
(do you love my fabulously sick pants!  people hate!  ha ha)

Em's farwell party was like... 4 girls and 100 guys!  Whoot!

Emery, it's been lots of laughs, videos, pics, crys, Casey's & triumphs!

Emily wrote this SWEET blog post about her time in AZ and said such cute, sweet, nice things about be/us!  :)  I've only taken exerps, but It's goood!  :)  

My parents moved here in the summer of '04.  I was without a plan at that time, having just completed my Associate's Degree at Florida College in Temple Terrace, FL.  I did not want to stay in FL and had no idea where to finish my degree.  Finally, by default I found my way to Mesa, AZ in the loving arms of my parents.  I had no friends and felt a little discouraged by the dirt and lack of green.  

It was at Red Robin I met Chelsa Knight.  Chelsa and I had an instant connection.  The first time we ever hung out was on the road to San Diego.  She invited me to her friend's wedding and I said yes!  I had never been to San Diego.  I remember on that trip I had felt like we had been friends forever instead of just a week at work.  I do remember as I was giving her the directions in the passenger seat I kept saying to head toward La Jolla, and pronounced the L's every time.  I moved in with Chelsa in an apartment in Ahwatukee, AZ.  In this little corner of Phoenix I started to become more independent than I had ever been.  I painted my room light purple and had a zebra striped bed spread....what was I thinking??  My favorite memories were going to Bagel Nosh on 48th St. and Warner and talking for hours with Chelsa.  I am a bagel freak if you didn't know.  Chelsa is unlike any other spunky blond girl I have ever met.  She loves crafts and is amazing at them.  She makes quilts and jewelry and the list goes on.  I had no clue when moving in with her that she had such a huge storage supply of holiday decorations! No matter what holiday, V-day, St. Patty's Day, etc. our apartment was decorated.  She inspired me to wear giant earrings and actually caused me to want expensive purses...I will never forgive you for that Chels.  She inspired me to do new fun things with my makeup instead of the same ole same ole.  I had never spent 100 dollars at a makeup store until I went to MAC at Fashion Square with her.  She always had the best smelling perfumes and coolest hair accessories.  I have always prided myself on being fashionable, but she brightened my life with new ideas and new options.  She has added so much girly fun to my life.  She is a girl who can talk in every single accent possible.  I remember laughing till I cried when she would bust one out in public and it sounded so authentic.  She has a way of being the life of the party and always makes others laugh.  She does what shy people wouldn't dare to do.  She is the biggest flirt and good at it.  Chelsa, I will never forget your unique style and individuality....never!  Even if I live far away, you will be a part of me and I hope we can stay in touch although we are both terrible at it. 

I moved back in with Chelsa this time in Gilbert, AZ.  Although I fought her on this and begged her to move to Scottsdale, she was set on getting a place in Gilbert.  I actually learned to love Gilbert and met CH.  C-Horn you were so kind and attentive and just so good to me.  You have such a zest for learning and growing.  I am a huge fan of tattoos now, and roadside engineer construction workers!  I miss you Kid!  It was in Gilbert also that I fell in love a 3rd time, but this time with a chihuahua.  I never thought it was possible but I fell in love with a dog that resembled a squirrel.  Chelsa, Dixie, and I were a tight unit.  Blond mommy and Brunette mommy loved their little baby Dissie Gouhl!  She was the apple of our eye.  Luckily Blond mommy is such a good mommy and although it was hard to leave, I know Dixie is in good hands.

I feel it is time to move on.  My parents moved to FL and reunited with my 2 older brothers.  When I lived in FL years ago I was really close to my brothers and my sister in law.  I miss them.  Now Brian and his wife Devin have two adorable little boys.  I long to be a part of their lives.  I feel a little left out now that my whole family is in FL.  I am excited to create a new life for myself there.   I have to be strong and lean on God to guide me and make everything beautiful in His time. 

**end note, today I went to the Nosh and they were CLOSED!  outta biz since Em left**
*more sad face over no veggie nosh*

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