Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Freak!!! Christmas shopping is HARD!

So, I can't find my NEW camera plug that offloads pics, MAYDAY!!!
UGH!  I have good stories and am so bugged.  

However, my frustration this week is... my bro's Christmas gifts.  Ok, I don't have a man to buy for, I love my brothers a heap and I want to get them good stuff.... they are hard.  Stylish little suckers.  I decided on shoes, shoes for EVERYone!!!  I spent HOURS selecting the perf, stylish shoes.  HOURS!  Then, when I decided, I couldn't find them in their size!!! Blasted size 11 1/2 feet.  QUINN!  ugh. Here are my brilliant ideas...
for Quinn
For Austin
 For Holly
For me.  HA.  j/k  I love these! 

I'm open to suggestions, HELP!

And what about O Holly Knight... artsy or clothes or what?
She's particular too.  Me, I think I'm easy. 

I love THESE for Holly's windows!

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