Thursday, December 23, 2010


As my FB said last weekend, I was baking and cooking up a storm!  I love reading about people cooking so I'm doing a little ditty about mine, b/c I don't think many people would make this... but it's DELICIOUS!!

Roasted Green Chilies, mmm
I got 7 lil green chiles at the grocery store and washed them
Put them on a grill (can't remember what these thingies are called) on a cookie sheet
 Turn your oven on to Broil and the shelf to the top
Put your chilies in for about 2 min, then turn them w/ tongs about every 1 minute for about 10-12 total.  
Only 60% should be blackened
Promptly put them in a ziplock and let them steam for 15 min.
 Then the skins will loosen and peel them off, chop off the top.
You can freeze, refridgerate or eat then
I put mine in the fridge w/ the seeds in them so they'd be a little spicy but you can remove the seeds when you peel.

Then I put them on a plate w/ cheese on top and broil again till toasty.  Top w/ a spoon of greek yogurt & fat free sour cream mixed, mmmm.  Sooo yummy!  You can eat w/ chips if they are too spicy, healthy, YUM!

I also made these chocolates Katie brought to me, mmm, pecan chocolate clusters!  

4oz German chocolate( broken up)
12 oz semi sweet chocolate chips
2 lbs white almond bark( broken up)
3 cups pecans

Place all ingredients in crock-pot, put almond bark in first, German and then semi sweet; cook on high for 45 mins to one hour do not stir.
After one hour stir in pecan and put crock pot on low for 45 mins stirring every 15 mins. On wax paper, spoon out chocolate and let set. ( you have to watch it on the second half so it does not burn.) 

I should have taken a pic, they made like 56 spoonful size, watch out, it's HOT do drop on wax paper.  loosen wax paper w/ a spatula underneath. 

I had to do the TPI gifts and Primary teacher gifts... for Primary I found these cute short rolls of wrapping paper and did cute tags about being 'wrapped' in the love of our Savior.  CUTE.  For work, I did these cute boxes w/ homemade carmels by Blue Ribbon Carmels!

FUN!  I loved delivering them to clients! 

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Julie Hemmert said...

Isn't " homemade caramels by some company" an oxymoron? Truly, you need to make your own! The Lionhouse Christmas cookbook has the best and easiest one I have tried (I can email you the recipe). People would be SO impressed. I love the boxes? Where did you find them?