Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Spirit! Indeed.

I've found the CUTEST crafty Christmas ideas online!

Wrapped gifts... 

This cute frame, WITH a tutorial!

 Cute neighbor gift!  
I had licorice covered chocolate in NZ, yum!

This dreamy WREATH!  easy, cute (has a tutorial)

These DREAMY stockings!
which I probably won't get around to making

This polka dot garland I DID make...
In cute Christmasy colors, out of felt.  I like it.

And my favorite item I've purchased this year... 
That I just made Glenda buy, ha!

This square HEART ring w/  your personal quotes!
Morgan & I found at the Tempe Arts Festival in April.
Mine has this heart on one side, peace sign on the other, 
"Live Love Leap" on one & "Fear Less, Hope More" on the other!
Handmade in AZ, AWESOME!  
Click HERE to get one!

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