Monday, November 8, 2010


Dude!  I had a raucous weekend and now, I'm puffy
 Not THIS Puffy...
Last week I was 'getting' sick for about 2 days.  I was uber 'emotional' for 2 days.  People kept asking why I was so sniffy (I hate when people ask that, I fear I'll turn into my sniffly Auntie).  Maybe it was a boog, DUDE.  Then I stayed up SUPER late this weekend and did NOT work out.  WTH is wrong w/ me.  EEK!  

Today, I feel pressure behind my eyes, in my nose/sinus', my head and whole FACE.  I hung my head back off the side of my bed hoping to clear my head.  I gave myself a sinus massage while doing a charcoal mask this morning.  I'm trying not to sniff... but my nosey is dry.  I remember Jo telling me about a Neti pot...
Anyone tried this?  ha ha, sounds icky and hippie-ish.  hmmm...  desperate times call for desperate measures!

I guess the reason I'm so bugged by how I feel today is B.Clark of CATZ gave me a BIG lecture (in front of some cute guy) at the gym on Friday and... I have to lose 3 lbs this week or I'm 'kicked off the island'.  MAYDAY!  When was the last time this happened... uh like... never.  Shizzlesticks.  So, I'm going to have to work out likeeeeee, 3 hours every day this week.  Glenda says just to starve myself (B.Clark do you hear that?? unhealthy).  AND, I'm PUFFY!!!
 This is B.Clark - don't let that smile fool you... he is HARD CORE!  And only smiles like that when he's singing off key.  But... I do love him for caring

Any advise on my head decongestion... and body deflation...

On a happy note... I cleaned my downstairs last night, kitchen, vacuumed, scrubbed my hardwood floors on hands and knees (Mel, I learned from the best, ha), and even tore apart my couch and vacuumed every inch!
I do feel happy about this accomplishment! 


Kirsten said...

what do you mean "kicked off the island?" I'm going tonight and wednesday at 6 (and tuesday and thursday at noon).

Julie Hemmert said...

I don't know what to tell you but I am there with you! Only I can't take much medicine :( I am proud of your cleaning abilities Ms. Sniffy!