Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Amazing Chicka!

Patty getting married is so exciting!  She is literally the kindest person I know!  She always puts other first and is so creative and thoughtful!  A few months ago my Mom was in town and we all went to the bead store and were making jewelry at my house.  Mom was concocting something and asked Patty's opinion.  Later my Mom said, "Patty really thinks about what she says before she says it and is very conscious of others feelings'.  I thought this was super nice.  Seriously, she is amazing.  And, she would kill me if she knew these pics were here.  But, she's gorgeous and I celebrate her and her happiness!  

Last weekend or so, her sisters threw her a Bachelorette party.  The bachelorettes of all parties I say!  We met on the roof of Hotel Indigo, EVERYONE was wearing a little black dress, except me... major wardrobe meltdown.  I love getting dressed up!  I've thrown LBD parties!  What is wrong w/ me.  As I walked in everyone freaked out that I was wearing jeans.  Patty says, 'don't worry, I have 2 other LBD upstairs and you will wear one of those!'.  We had appetizers, played fun bachelorette games, there were boas for all, bling LED rings, jangley necklaces, presents & lots of pics.  Then we went upstairs, her sissy's had made gift bags for everyone!  Cute!  They made me change and voila!  The dress rocked and was a perfect fit, Thanks Patty!  
(i do not have pic editing on any of my computers so pls excuse my hideous arm) 

So then we headed out to REVOLVER, great music and we had a little corner set aside for our party of 21!  21 girlies in LBD's!  We had so much fun dancing!  We got back to our room at about 2 am and sat on the floor ate snacks and re-capped all the funny people and things throughout the eve.  The sun was full force at 6:30 am and man, I need much more sleep than that these days!  

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