Friday, November 19, 2010

Busy as a Bee

Ah!  My parental unit is coming to AZ tomorrow!!!
Ah!  I thought it would be Sunday night, Monday...
I really can't complain, I've been begging (and whining) for them to come for... a month!
But... when am I going to clean my house???  

Weekend agenda: 
FRIDAY:  Work, Harry Potter!  Prim mtg, Golfland to be social.

SATURDAY:  5 am, wake up - take Suz to the airport BY 5:50 AM, ha ha ha
Pick up donuts for Prim pgm practice by 7:30
Primary Program practice 8 am
Go listen to  Sherrie Natrass speak, 10 am
VT w/ darling Cara, 1 pm
Make Emily's farewell scrapbook for her farewell party
Parental arrival 6:30 pm
Dance party 10:30 pm

SUNDAY:  tt Tatia, prepare Sharing Time lesson, Primary Pgm NOON
Emily's farewell party, Birthday dinner for Dad & Lynn the twin


Happy notes:  I am SO sore from working out super hard this week
and Mar just told me that V cleans houses!  whoot!
(don't tell my mom)
sad note:  2nd bad hair day in a row!

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