Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Laugh & a 1/2

So a couple weekends ago I went to the movies w/ a 'couple' of friends.  Walking by the movie posters outside, my dearest Glenda asked if we'd seen the movie poster w/ the owl on it...
And she said that a few weeks before, he and her darling hubby were at the movies and she saw this poster.  She said, "Oh Chuck, LOOK!  Harry Potter is out!  Let's see if we can get tickets.  She bought tickets, surprisingly it wasn't sold out!  They were in the movie theater and it started and after a few minutes Chuck said, "I don't think this is Harry Potter!". 
Aaaaah ha ha ha ha ha!  
Oh doll, I can see how you thought this poster was Hedwig,
Harry's owl!!!

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Kirsten said...

that was too stinkin' funny. I love Glenda. she's a crack-up.