Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Oh I looove that this went down last night!  So I'm working out at Catz, B. Clark is coaching and for once I'm not mouthing off joking around.  He says, "man you guys are quiet tonight", someone says, "it's Monday".  Some big dude is doing shoulder presses w/ like... 7 lb weights.  B. Clark yells at him to get bigger ones and he says his shoulder is hurt.  We are then doing one legged chest passes w/ the med ball into the wall and the gal next to me is going at it wrong.  B. Clark yells at her, she says, "my knee hurts when I stand on one leg." Then, he goes into his rant... 

"People, you are OLD! 
None of us need to hold back on telling me your injuries b/c NONE of us are going to get a
Tell me if something hurts!
None of us are going to 'GO PRO',
no RECRUITERS are watching us... we're OLD!"  
Then I get a brilliant idea... remember how he told me I had to lose 3 lbs this wk, well last night he looks at me all sternly, "you doing the diet... you better... you have to lose 4 lbs this wk!".  Me:  "WHAAATT!!  you said 3... be realistic B. Clark!"

As we are walking to the next station, I casually say, 
"B. Clark... I'm prego".
And then I wipe my face w/ my towel for an extended second and turn away.
 He was like, "Really... no.... for real???  Whaaat the... Whoooo... uh, I mean, I just didn't know you were seeing anyone."  HA!!!  He seriously got this guilty look and was SO concerned :)  

And he went on, "How far along?"
me: 3 mo.
me: oh, some dude I met in Australia
him: (awe struck) So, are you gonna make it work?
me: mmm, probably not, I mean, he's in Australia
(side note: I did NOT go to Australia)
him: Well, just make the best of it! You're gonna be fine, everything happens for a reason...
me: See, no wonder I haven't lost any weight in a couple months.
Everyone in the gym was all quiet, and listening and concerned.

Anywho, as the set of reps is ending we were supposed to run laps around the building, I lean over and said, "JUST KIDDING!" and turned and ran out the door!  I could hear him yelling down the block!  

I'm sure he's going to kick my ACE every night this week!   


Julie Hemmert said...

Definitely the same Chelsa from 20 years ago...some things never change. You can still make me smile. :)

Kirsten said...

oh my heck! I shoulda gone later!!! I would have PAID to see that! but def you are going to be paying for that little comment. he strikes me as the vindictive type.

Kirsten said...

ps- did I mention you are my hero?