Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm grateful for Dad's

My parents made it thru a SNOWSTORM for meeee!
I'm kinda bugged that they put themselves in Danger but, GRATEFUL.

Last night, all of us huddled on the couch after our venture to LP.
(still love the LP)
Mom & I on our laptops looking at chandeliers,
Dad, looking thru the chanels.  (Cox is so messed up right now)
I was tivo'ing my bf's show, Hawaii 5-0 (my hottie Alex O'Laughlin) 
& it wouldn't let him turn the chanel.
He kept saying, "don't you have any garden
or woodworking shows tivo'ed?"  mmmm NO
So he found my least favorite show,
the O'Reilley Factor and kept getting an error
'you must stop recording Hawaii 5-0 to watch this show'.  Whaaat, NO!
Oh how I love my Dad.
I was busy shopping online, just give the man who loves me his show... 
So I stopped my recording & we listened to Politics
& Sarah Palin for an hour.  
That's LOVE, ha ha!

I'm going to have to write a list about how amazing my Dad is, if I do it now, I'll cry.

I am truly grateful for Dad's.

My sweet friend Chad is driving 27 hours today to see his kids!  
With his Mom & Step-Dad in the car, BRAVE.

My dear friend's husband travels for work & she is an AMAZING Mom, 
Oh how her hubby must miss those sweet, jovial kids every week.

My neighbor just got remarried, her new burrley hubby is SO sweet & loving with her daughter 
(& SO cute w/ Dixie)

My friend's hubby works 3 jobs to support their family but comes home & doesn't miss a beat playing with & taking care of his kiddies.

Stever is SUCH a cute Dad & plays w/ the little chickens like he's a big kid in a Dad's body!

The Boise boy is an AMAZING Dad!  He takes off work to be with his kids when the wifey is sick instead of dispersing them to the in-laws.  This man, I've NEVER heard him raise his voice with his children, he talks SO sweet & tenderly with them, it makes your heart melt.  He truly is Gentle with them, which I think will bode well for them in their future relationships. :)

Dad's... AMAZING!

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Marianne said...

Chels your so sweet!!! I just reed this to Steve and he was so proud/happy he made your list!! You made his day! I hope you had so much fun with your Parents!!! We are stuck here in Utah and coming tomorrow! See you soon!