Monday, November 1, 2010

All Hallows Eve!

Oh how I LOVE Halloween... Oh how I wish I had somewhere fabulous to go all dressed up in a very well thought out, pre-planned, detail executed costume.  (Sigh...)  But alas, this year was relegated to Trunk-or-Treating celebrations.  It was fun to see all the kidlets dressed up!  Happily I was invited to Mar's party to see my favorite AZ babes...
And how nice, people kept asking me if I was Mar's sister!  Whoo-hoo. 
Crickets over, "I can't believe your not married"!!!  If I had a dollar for everytime someone said that... And someone asked if I was dressed up as Paris Hilton, pfhshaw!!  As IF... I could pull that off, LOL!  I think Dixie in her Halloween sweater was the reason for that comment!  HA! 

Saturday I stopped over at Kirsten's Trick-or-Treat party to see the 'Things'.  Someone had an actual coffin at their truck stop!  Man, dare to climb in a coffin prematurely... bad luck I say. My fav costume was Wonder Woman and her mini-me Wonder Woman twins!  
The CAT in the HAT was pretty sweet!  What a good husband John!  And generous w/ the CANDY!!!
HaLLoWeeN NiGhT, Kirsten invited me over to party w/ the fam!  'Thing' 1, 2, 3 & 4 were SUPER excited to see me, which made me so HAPPY!  She got bread bowls in the shape and color of pumpkins for potato soup that was DELISH!  I loved that right before dinner John hauled out the Halloween CANDY and they had like, 6 HUGE bags!  We dumped it out on the table and went to town!  Haaa ha ha.  All kinds, all you can eat!  mmm.    I haven't laughed so hard in SO long!  We watched 'It's a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown' and some of 'The Haunted Mansion', I kept screaming as if I was scared and scaring them!  HA!  It was SUCH a fun night!  My favorite comment of the evening was when we were talking about the twin towers and someone (who shall remain nameless) made a funny comment and his Dad called him "CaPtAiN ObVioUs".  Aaaahhh!  

This was Dixie's alternate costume... but then the hat broke :(  Baaah ah aha ha ha ha ha!


Kirsten said...

we loved having you! thanks for hanging out with us!

Marianne said...

K well I definitely like you picture of us better cause I don't have my arm out holding the camera!!! Love it!

Kirsten said...

the witch costume is pretty hilarious. poor dixie. she doesn't look to happy.