Friday, November 12, 2010

7, the magic #

I have lived in Arizona 7 years todayAAAAHHHH 

I moved here for a job & to be a career girl, Voila!  Still here, workin away.
I remember I stalled my move to go to the Indigo Girls concert.
My dear friends threw the most FABULOUS farewell Fiesta party!
Beloved GF's helped me pack... 
as I was in denial it was all happening & I totally wasn't packed on moving day!
My DAD was SOOOOO sad.  :(  He was trying to be helpful & positive & I could see he was teary & his heart was aching that his favorite daughter was leaving.  
Casey and I drove off into the sunset, when we arrived in Phx, we both burst into tears.
Luckily, I had Christmas in Hawaii to look forward to!

Where does time go?  How can this be.  I am neutral about it.
I never thought I'd be there this long - for sure.  3 maybe 5 yrs...
But, I have SUCH good friends here, it's a blessing!

7 things I possibly DO like about AZ...
1.  Sunshine
2.  Palm Trees
3.  Laying out by the pool, most anytime of the year
4.  AZ is the shopping Meca of the West
5.  I am so close to Cali & Mexico
6.  I love my house!
7.  Lightening storms & rain makes for a great day.

7 things I miss about UT
2.  Skiing
3.  Waterskiing
4.  My dear married friends
5.  Sunday dinner at my parents
6.  Moab, Flaming Gorge, Lake Powell, Jordanelle
7.  Fall & Rain

Speaking of 7... remember that 'Friends' episode about 7... HI-larious!


Kirsten said...

well, I for one am glad you are here.

Cindy said...

You forgot you also left your BF to plan her wedding all by herself with a broken leg!! booo! You just better come back!