Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dear Santa -

"Christmasss Christmassss time is hereeee
time for love and tiiiime for Cheeeer"
(or something like that)
Thank you Alvin & the Chipmunks

Dear Santa
This year, I've been VERY good.  Seriously... 
Here are my worldly Christmas dreams... 
Hope they come TRUUUUE!

1.  A plane ticket to somewhere very green
& to the land of my ancestors
2.  This delicious fragrance, to make the boys swoon
CoCo Mademoiselle is so dreamy... 
and I didn't buy it at duty-free :(

3.  These adorable, uber comfy shoes... 

Tom's are ONE for ONE,
if you buy a pair, they give a new pair to a child in need!
That's a GOOD cause!

4.  This necklace...

b/c its the story of my life.
Check out how cool this is on the back here.

5.  Most importantly, I want my itunes to WORK!!
& all my music I PAID for to be ON my ipod!

And.. if I can't have my top wishes...
I'll take ONE of him,
Pretty pleeease!  
Ah, I'd be SO happy!

Love, Chelsa

Happy Holidays!
really, I mean, Happy Shopping!


Kirsten said...

he is cute. I was sorry when they canceled moonlight.

land of your ancestors huh? that's why you want to go there?

Marianne said...

Chels...your hilarious!!!