Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Valentines Garland

I found this cute polka dot garland online
I made a cute one for Christmas
Well... I thought HEARTS would be even CUTER!

 I bought felt at JoAnn's when it was on sale, 1/8 yd ea. color
I think I paid about $3 total.
Then I bought a 6' roll of rick-rack, on sale!

I started cutting out hearts by folding the felt in 1/2, 
the hearts were too symetrical.
So I started lopping off one side of the heart and making them mis-shapen

Sewed the rick-rack on thru the middle of the hearts,
no specific order, and Voila! 
(I'd advise sewing the rick-rack closer to the top of the hearts so they hang upright, they kinda flip around)

I love it!

1 comment:

Kirsten said...

super cute! I am so impressed! it's things like this that make me wish I had an ounce of desire to sew. Ü