Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday - Jazzed

Top 10 Upcoming Things I've got Jazz hands for!

10. Figuring out my Budget for the Dave Ramsey class (yeah, I'm excited)
9.   RS - a fun Service exchange Thurs. nt!
8.   BUNKO!!! on Friday!  yeah!
7.   Mar poping out baby Berrett this week!
6.   My fresh new blonde hairs!
5.   The Tempe Arts Festival at the end of the month! love it.
4.   This awesome book I just finished!  Girl in Translation - read it!
3.   A new casa - new decorating to be done!
2.   The Renaissance Festival this month!!  Whoot!
1.   Skiing at Alta for St. Patty's weekend!

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