Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day Pennant Garland

I'm not big on decorating for EVERY holiday,
But I'm partial to the Irish  ;)

I don't have St. Patty's anything, 
so I decided it was ok to have ONE thing.

I bought St. Patrick's Day fabric at 40% off at JoAnn's,
1/4 yd. x 6 fabrics
no trimming or squaring up the yardage, even if it's loppy.
Folded the end over 4" and cut it on a diagonal,
corner to corner.
The top of the triangle is 8", not all are perfectly the same - 
no prob.

I used 1 yd fusible interfacing (1/2 off = $2),
cut in triangles the same way
Ironed on, and trimmed so none showed from the front.
(I wanted my triangles to hang straight, not flap in the breeze)

Bought some cheapy St. Patrick's ribbon at the $ store/Wally's
And just Zig-Zag'ed it along the top of the pennants. 
Overlapping about 1/4"
Leave about 2-3" on either end to tie it to a curtain rod
or to just dangle nicely.

I will probably get some other embellishments to tie between the pennants like tinsel or ribbon.

You really have tons of fabric left over,
I cut 4 triangles of 6 fabrics and made 3 garlands! 
(I also used green piping along the top on one garland, or Rick-Rack) 

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Kirsten said...

I didn't understand half of what you said, but think the results are super cute!