Monday, March 14, 2011

Blue & Gold wrap-up

I love how cute the little scouts are in their uniforms!
It was the Birthday of Scouting and I was in charge of the she-bang!!
Here's how it turned out!
The theme was Resourcefulness - recycled and reused!
We had flowers in old soup cans on the tables,
I gathered fun stuff from work, bubble wrap, packing pockets,
Spools of cable for the boys to sit on when they get their awards
FLAG ceremony!
Balloon arch and streamers
Peanuts as confetti on the tables
I had each family make a centerpiece from recycled things!  
Riley's Rockets

Keegan's Robot

Oscar's Farm!  A pig, barn, etc.
the Cow

 Doing their skit!  Oh how fun!

And finally, THE PIG!!! centerpiece...

Such a good story about these little piggies... 
I got to bring the big pig home, so cute, for my roomie.  She loves pink and, it was V-day
So, I put him on the counter and went out of town.  
Suz had game night a few days later and one gent asked for a beverage...
Suz said "oh there's soda, milk, lemonade and something pink in the pig in the fridge"
Help yourself.
Dude thinks the pig looks interesting...
One GLUG and phoohey!!! he spits it out!!! 

When I get home a few days later, this story is recanted to me.
My face is riddled w/ shock and horror!!!
The story behind the pig is pretty good...

I tell Suz what Tisa, Kyler's Mom who made the pigs had told me.
They were from recycled materials, to be extra 'RESOURCEFUL'
thought she should use her kiddies pink bath water in them!

So first thing the next day I call up Tisa to verify... 
She said, "well, that was my plan then I drained the tub!"
So... how were the pigs pink?  hmmm

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Cara @ Gardenview Cottage said...

hahahahahahahahah soooo funny about the PIGS!!!! and the pictures turned out amazing. Love all the resourcefulness! You rock girlfriend