Thursday, March 3, 2011

Garage Saleing part 2

This weekend - garage sales were in full force!
We were out till 12!!!
Then, delicious Pei Wei

I found an adorable, plush, totally matching chair, $25
(said chair is currently residing in Cara's living rm, I may have to wrestle her to get it bk)

A 4 poster metal bed, for Dixie!  Aah ha ha ha $10
(need to paint it stunning silver!) 

A high side table for my kitchen, or a bedside table, $7

And... a Remington typewriter that I"m going to disassemble and make jewelry out of!  $10!

Pretty thrifty I say!

I found a PERFECT table to use for a dressing table (I've always wanted one)
And they wanted $100 dollars for it!  They said it was an antique gaming table, the top folded in half and twisted around.  mmm, that's not a garage sale item sister - craigslist.  boo.

I CRACKED my head on the car door frame-
SO hard I saw stars and crunched my teef, 
I put my head back (on my comfy chair loaded in the back of the car).  Cara's aunt Raven happened to be w/ us and asked if I'd like her to do some energy work to make the pain go away.  
Um, yes!
So she warmed up her hands, put them over my head and said
it felt very hot...
LITERALLY, she drew the pain out!  OUT!
Reiki - amazing lady!  So cool!

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