Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Top 10 Beauty Tips

I've been around the beauty block... and know a few things...
(don't take that the wrong way, I'm no pro, ha)
Growing up both my parents worked for make-up companies so I was the girl in the neighborhood w/ TONS of make-up to play with!

Tuesday Top 10 Beauty Tips

I've said it a million times, a woman should ALWAYS have painted toenails!  
It's girlie!  Unpainted toes are manly!

If your overdue on getting  your hair done, create a different part so your roots don't show so much!
i.e. side, other side, pull it back in an egg poof.  (smaller than Snooki)

If you're over 23, it's time to get your eyebrows waxed!
Not pencil thin, just get an arch on the bottom and trim the excess top ones! 

Dress your age!
If you're over 32, your skirts need to come far longer than your heiney and thighs!

Treat your nails nice.  Simply file them all even!  (for heavens sake)
You could even paint them clear!
You could even paint them a color!  :)  
'Super Shiney' clear coat underneath polish and over makes it last at LEAST a week on fingers and over 2 wks on toenails!

Lotion your neck 2 x's a day to prevent aligator neck in the future!

Brush your hair several times a day to keep it shiney!  
We have a brush in the bathroom at work.

Comb your eyebrows!
Personally I think clear mascara works best - brush them up and out to look nice and they stay in place!  Try a tiny dab of gel w/ a toothbrush if you're budgeting.

If you want BIG hair, or body...  the 3 tooth comb is the bomb!
It's 3 rows of bristles and then back comb your crown - remember to smooth out the bumps!

Always do another coat of mascara after you apply eyeshadow or liner.
Mascara last!  No one wants dusty eyelashes.  It's wasteful.  :)
My favorite is Loreal's Black Carbon!


Kirsten said...

umm. wow. you don't want to know how many of your tips I am currently not in compliance with.

Michele said...

Oh wonder who taught you the clear mascara trick ??