Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top 12 Tuesday

12 you say, YES!  I couldn't narrow my fav's down... 
So, today on the pre-eve of St. Patrick's day... 
I list my Top 12 Favorite Shows!

12. Amazing Race - I really just like to see where they go
11. Criminal Minds - creepy!
10. Burn Notice - HOT!
9.   Chuck - nerdy adventure!
8.   Mad Love - funny! 
7.   In Plain Sight - witness relocation? always wanted to go 'in'!
6.   Grey's Anatomy - STILL fabulous!
5.   Who do you Think you are? - I love finding out where our generations are from!
4.   White Collar - Sexy sleuth!
3.   Covert Affairs - Chickie spy! nice!
2.   Hawaii 5-0 - HOTTIES hunting bad guys.  good storyline too, ha.
1.   The Big Bang Theory - Quirky, socially inept guys, hilarious!

1 comment:

Cara @ Gardenview Cottage said...

we do love the same shows...although Tom loves Chuck I don't watch it and I love Grey's and he doesn't watch. Other than that we could have a tv party sometime!