Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top 10 Projects for this WEEK!

This week, I will be in my NEW casa!!!! 
I love LOVE it!  
Super excited!  
The Parentals are coming this week to get-it-ready!!! 

So, Top 10 Projects THIS week are...

1.  Paint the Kitchen a sick, sour Green!
2.  Argue and get my way on painting Grey on lots of walls
3.  Hang my delicious draps back up w/ my cute pegs
4.  Find a plush carpet in a lucious redish/melon color and bind it
5.  Put fun handles on all the cabinets
6.  Buy a new garage door opener
7.  Get the powder room back to Hot Pink!  (and gun-metal silver)
8.  Convince Jesse to install FAT 5" baseboards
9.  Paint my bed shabby chic cream, mmm
10.  Decide on blush or light grey for my bedroom...
there are lots more on this list but, let's get started!!


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