Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top 10 projects done?

Jesse and Michele have worked their GUTS out this weekend!! 
The Kitchen is a FABULOUS sick green!  whoot!
The downstairs is all painted,  yippee!
And I am officially IN!  
15 dudes and 2 YM showed up to help me move, HOLY COW!!!  
I am SO grateful!
I gave out $5 In-N-Out gift cards to everyone for a THANK YOU!  
They were so surprised!  :)

So, here's my 10 Ten project review of last week's goals.

1.  The Kitchen IS green, yum!
2.  No Grey yet... hmmm
3.  Delicious Drapes are hung and it is HOMEY!
4.  No Rug/Carpet yet, need ideas on where to go.
5.  Handles are Brushed Nickel and they JUST arrived at work!
6.  The Garage door opener is in and working AND my car even fits into the garage already!
7.  The Powder room is... not done... going to look at paint at lunch.
8.  No baseboards yet  :(
9.  My bed is sitting lonely in the garage, waiting for a buyer.. or paint.  
If painted, this is what I'm going for...

But I found THIS SO CUTE bed this weekend at Potato Barn!
Wow, SO cute!!!  I swoon!
(or... do I like THIS one on the left?)

10.  My Bedroom is NOT painted... b/c I can't find a color light enough that doesn't look like cotton candy.  (although I LOVE Cotton Candy!)

Here are 10 things that ARE COMPLETE!!

1.  New Black fridge is IN and hooked up (and clean, 3 hrs later - great story on the new fridge to come)
2.  Bugs are sprayed and traps are set by each door (a funny story on this later)
3.  Chandeliers and Bath Bars are hung!!
4.  My room is in working order - enough to get ready and find clothes :)
(Thanks Abby & Cassidy for organizing my shoes so nicely and for the shoe fashion show!)
5.  The living room is arranged so cute!  And the whole downstairs is set up!
6.  I got a new tv stand
7.  The shelving in the garage is hung and stacked and getting organized
8.  All my blinds are shortened to fit the windows perfectly!
9.  Laundry room is up and running!
10.  Insulation added to the attic to reduce the air bill!

HOLLA!  I couldn't be HAPPIER!!!  

And I went shopping and found these ADORABLE pieces!!
This Gorgeous, peachy/pink chest of drawers, ooh!

Mom loved this for the 'grandkids'
Polka dots!!! 
And man, they had the funnest rocking chairs (orange one in front)

Loving this!  Style and all

And I am ordering this TODAY
to get my craft room and magazines organized!

Craft room drapes will be out of this...

I love decorating!!! Hooray!

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