Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Paint and other Ideas...

I think I've lost my Mo-Jo
I LOVE decorating, and painting etc.
But I can't figure out colors this time around.
My Mom is sick of me painting squares on the walls (ha) and changing my mind.

People have asked about my last Powder Bathroom... 
Here's the pics!
 Eye-ball poppin, Hot Pink!
 There is actually a very cute Eiffel Tower pic above La Toilette
(Home Depot BEHR Wild Rose is the color)

Here's my genius Dad, HAPPILY painting away!
He is THE Best free-hand cutter-in-er

So this time... Mustard and Black and White in the Bathroom?
Here's my inspiration color, a pillow from Crate & Barrel I got for the couch. 
 I've never been into Yellow but now... well - MUSTARD!

I would love to make a sofa table for behind the couch out of some pallettes in the back heap of work.
A large Coffee table out of a BIG cable spool!
(Good idea Cara!)
But, I need to get painting!  
What to do first...

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