Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Fridge & a Peep Show

My new house has black appliances!  yippee, I always wanted black, they would have rocked w/ my cream cabinets :(  Jesse said, "i'm not moving 2 fridges" so, schemey me... I thought I'd buy a black one and sell my white one before he came.  

Well, that didn't quite happen.  I got distracted (i.e. skiing, HBB) and it was they day of Dad's arrival.  I had looked on craigslist for weeks.  Last Tuesday, I said a little prayer and checked again.  Lo and behold... there was a perfectly priced, aged, colored fridge - right next to work!

I had to get a massage at 5 for my ski crash injuries and told the dude I'd be there at 6:30.  Mr. Amazing Masseur went till 6:40, i'm in La La Land so I get to my car and call fridge dude.
I said I was about 5 min. away and I'd be RIGHT THERE!  He said he'd open the garage.

As I walk up he sees me in the front window and goes to the garage.  I'm walking up the driveway and the garage door is opening... Bent over at the waist, is dude's wife - scrubbing the fridge!  In her shorty robe... with dripping wet hair.  

Apparently he hadn't told his wife I was coming at 6:30 but only when I had called on my way!!  MAYDAY!!  Poor wife, musta jumped outta the shower.  As I walked up she said, "i would never show this without cleaning it, SO SORRY!  We just use it for our soda and pizza out here".  No prob I say.  

So, I'm asking about the fridge and they are answering my questions, chatting away, chickie is madly spraying simply green and wiping the shelves off.  She reaches over and opens the freezer... boob pops out of her tiny robe, she keeps talking and just pulls her robe shut.  WHAT!!  The belt wouldn't stay tied, that thing came to right under her tushy.  WOW!  

A Fridge AND a peep show... I'll take it! 

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Kirsten said...

thanks for the laugh. hilarious. you need to post pics of of your new house.