Monday, April 11, 2011


So, my Dad put these sticky pads by my doors to catch infiltrating bugs.  Really, very kind of him.
Knowing I'm a bug freak!
They are about a 1/2 sheet of paper and MAJORLY STICKY!!

The other night, I was waiting for laundry to finish at 11:30 and the parentals were going to bed.  My Mom said I should take Dix out again.  Oy, I'm in my pj's, so tired.  OK.

I stumble to the front door, I had already lined up the sticky pads on either side of the door frame.  I barely open the door - checking for other dogs outside.
Dixie SPEEDS past me and rolls out the door - Squeeling!
She had run RIGHT thru the sticky paper and it had stuck to her leggie, underside of her furry tail and... her bummy.  Aaahhh ha ha !  She literally rolled out the door - Stunned

Hee hee, she was desperately looking at me for help- leg curled up - stuck.
I walked over and got her leggy out, then her tail (screech) and then...
It was stuck in her tufted bummy fur.  HA HA HAH A HA.

I said, 'hold on, you're gonna get a waxing'.  RIP!  Ha!  she screamed again and sulked back in the house.  Hee hee, I coaxed her out to the grass to potty after a min. or 2.

Then, the other night - I was laying in bed, she was walking around - trying to find her cozy spot and I noticed... A little round bald spot on her bum-bum next to her tail.  HA!

p.s.  Last night Dix was watching something, then I wasn't paying attn and she gave a little yelp and was looking at me... Front feet stuck in the sticky pad again.  She was trying to chase a little roach that had snuck in the door.  HA!