Wednesday, April 13, 2011

#100!!! 100th Post

SO exciting!  
This is my 100th Post!  
So, I got a little dressed up for the event!  HA!
I'm famous for the 'self-portraits', hee hee

I wish/love that people read my blog, I have lots of funny blonde stories!  And, I wish I could highlight all my craftiness b/c I totally blog-stalk crafters!  So fun!

Today - is a re-cap of my fun weekend with a few of my favorite people!

Friday night Leigh and Katie and I went to Scottsdale to a yummy place called White Chocolate Grille!  mmm  It was fun to get dressed up and go out! 

We went to our hotel, The Westin Kierland in-which Leigh, (the master deal finder) found for $71 a night!  Whoot!  So we were jumping onTO the pouffy beds (not to be mistaken w/ jumping ON the bed), possibly giggling, a BIT... and security came to our door - 10:30... The security gal rolled her eyes, apparently we were too noisy for the swanky old timers next door I suppose.  So I laughed harder - probably louder cause... we're sober.  ha! 

I wish we could have taken advantage of the sweet pool and started my TAN...  But, it had rained all night (no biggie, Rain's my fav) and it smelled delicioius, but no sunshine!
I love this place, if you walk out the back doors onto the 'green' in the am, it's misty and SO gorgeous!
So what's a girl to do?  Go shopping of course!  We shopped around Kierland, my Mom loves Kierland and being in AZ at Easter, they have these pretty, tall, yellow yucca shoots and they do bunny topiaries!  
Good Times!!

Sunday, to Thank the Steele's for watching Dixie - in the rain - in which she was a little bit of a handful for a 3 pounder, I made my 1st Pot Roast w/ carrots, potatoes & Onions!  mmmm  (after all was said and done, I think I actually doubled the cook time)   It was good - edible!  :)

I'd made CUPCAKES and everyone got to dip and decorate their own!  mmm.

After, the girls had a shoe fashion show and dressed dixie up and took her for a walk in my heels!  
Such a DELIGHTFUL Sunday!!!  

Love these peeps!!

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