Monday, April 18, 2011


Happy Monday!
This weekend was one of DOING!
The universe did NOT want me to leave my house apparently...
This is me attempting to deliver dinner to my VT'ee that had surgery.
Made Ckn and a yummy Pink Cake and...
ran out of gas 12' from my garage.  AH!

Sunday I tried to go for a bike ride, checked the tires, helmet on...
Rode about 15' and, flat tire.  OY!

I attempted to help Cara w/ her ottoman slip cover...
(it's not checked off the list yet!)

Hung pics - and now my downstairs feels COZY again!  :)

Excited for a short work week!  Whoot!  
Feeling SO blessed!!!

The end of my Ashland Ranch time &
the LOVE from my chicklets was HUGE!

Today, I saw a lot of people who have a harder life than I, 
I am so immensely watched over and guided and blessed.
I am GRATEFUL for my H.F
& for my AZ Family!!!
& my wonderful, kind, thoughtful Friends!
& my Birth Family of course, xoxo

Oh so Grateful!  

and, I get to go to Cali this weekend!  Whoot!!!

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