Monday, November 14, 2011

Jumped off the Roller Coaster

This weekend was a roller coaster! 
Oy vey I say! 

But here is what I'm grateful for and some funny bits!

Bunco on Friday - A Blast!  Love these wild girls!

Sat. - Mar, Kate, Crew & Bennett came by, Kate in a wedding dress & veil! 
Um, cuter 4 yr old, nay I say!
Crew in his Batman outfit... inside out.  HA! 

We got hot chocolate & sat on my porch, The kids played on the grass.
Then, Crew saw the witch on my porch, Kate asked if she was taller than the witch.
Crew came up, tapped my arm, "um, Chowsa, Halloween is over! 
You need to put the witch away!".   Awesome!   from a 3 yr old no less!  HA!

I went on a drive to Tim-Buck-2, took some good shots in the gray skies!
love gray skies!

Sat. nt - Stopped by the Steele's & man, it's always a party there! 
We played JUST DANCE!  St. Thomas made curry, yum!
We lept off the couch at 9:00 to go get pie at Village Inn! 
The girls were silly & in rare form, giggles abounded, as well as 80's music that we all belted to in the car!   Cara said to St. Thomas, "does it feel like we have 3 kids back there?!" 

Sunday started out shady & ended bright & sunny and happy with good food and new friends!  yum yum, bubble gum!  

Today, Monday... I took the witch and Halloween wreath to the garage. HA! 

Be Grateful!
I recognize my blessings & truly am blessed with fabulous people in my life! 

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