Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dreamy - Appliances?

Appliances can be DREAMY!

There was this sign in Agritopia for designer jeans - 
So of course we stopped by!  
There were a plethora of cute bling jeans but the house...

Mine Eyes have Seen the Glory!! 

In Wisconsin Butter Yellow no less!!!  

I looked those appliances up and they come in Aqua, Lavendar, Pink... (gasp!)

Look what they did w/ this long awkward wall!  I have this wall!  
I WANT this shelf!!  

They guy said if I bought the wood, he would come put the shelf in!
ha ha ha!  He said he'd done it for like 4 other ladies in the 'hood! 

I just may take him up on that!  Yippee!

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