Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Adventures of Jesse... & Michele

My DAD... is like, the CoOLeSt guy around! 
(So's my Mom for that matter!)

People Loooove my Parental Unit
They are Funny, Kind and CARE about people.
I'm a lucky girl!

I have a friend that gets mad b/c I'm always bragging about my Mom... and the sweet, kind things she does.  
My Mom complains that my Dad talks to everyone... to much... he's too Friendly!
My Dad, loves a project and has the cutest quirks!

This week my parentals are in town for Thanksgiving... AND to lay some pavers and make me a patio!
They love coming to AZ for Thanksgiving b/c it's nice and warm!

I'm sure, as usual, many'a good stories are going to come about this week so, I will relay with no delay.

One of my Favorites happened a year or 2 ago.  Well, my Mom thinks my Dad was an ESKIMO in a previos life and was always cold.  He has a fear of being cold and as a Scouter, is ALWAYS prepared!  So much prepared that I counted how many coats he had last Christmas... 48 coats, 28 'vests' (fleece or down)
(He should be an Eddie Bauer model!)
(this guy's sexy!)
Um, that's a LOT!  Remember how I said they like to come to AZ b/c it's warm...  Jesse STILL brings like 3-5 coats in the car.  (ok, if the car broke down while driving in the winter, I can understand).  But, he wears them in 70-78 degrees even.  The best part, he brings them in the house from the car... b/c he's worried someone will break into the car and steal them!  Um, REALLY?!  Aaahhh!  So I have a pile of coats on my chair in my living room for a week!  Stop!  I told him, "Dad, NO ONE WANTS YOUR COATS!!! THEY DON'T NEED THEM HERE!"  ha ha ha ha!  Aaaah, SO funny.

One of my friend's came to pick me up for a date at Christmas time and asked my Dad if he was keeping warm wrapped in one of his Navajo Indian blankets?  (b/c he collects them and they hang on the walls), HA!

I'll take a pic of their COAT CLOSET that is 8' long and PACKED!  

Ah, what a hoot!  More to come!

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