Monday, November 21, 2011

Pancakes, mmm

I LOVE homemade Pancakes!
I don't really like to eat out breakfast, it's so much better home cooked!

Growing up my Dad would make: 
Egg-in-a-hole w/ honey

French Toast, (his were cooked as hard as hockey pucks)
Buttermilk Pancakes
or his specialty...
Sour Dough Waffles!  (from 30 yr old starter!)  DELISH!
(I'm not mentioning the 7 grain hot cereal we HAD to eat, ick)

I was not a fan of eggs, once when I was little, I wouldn't eat my eggs before school.
Ever frustrating my Mom, she put me in the shower and dumped the eggs on my head!
ha ha ha ha!

As we got older, Dad figured out that adding cornmeal to the pancakes made them thicker, and he thinks healthier.  EWE!  Ok, they aren't bad but, Buttermilk pancakes are the BEST!

Yesterday I told him he could make Pancakes, (ha, of course I have no cornmeal in my house)
So, I get him out a pan, (of course it's some shoddy ancient pan)
They came out brown, not very puffy but, doughy in the middle.  
So the 2nd round, he cooked at a lower temp... still doughy, ick!
The 3rd batch, we were sitting at the table waiting anxiously... They looked great!
One bite, 2 bites, then the middle... dough.  I took a guzzle of milk, Jesse discovered the tender center and made this frustrated, sick face... my Mom and I laughed SO hard!
So hard, I blew milk out my nose!  HA HA HA!!!  

He stomped to the pantry and says, ok, what kind of cold cereal do you girls want?!  

He prides himself on his yummy breakies!  hee hee!

As Jesse was fixing my weather stripping on my doors - to keep those ever evil bugs out - 
I was upstairs madly making PJ pants for his Birthday!
I found this sweet fabric w/ Indian chief's and wild horses and Buffalo's on it!
 (He was just named a Buffalo at WoodBadge a couple weeks ago!)

He kept coming upstairs to ask me stuff and I would run to the door and try to lock it before he could peek what I was doing!  His sneaky, 'trying to figure out what you're up to' face is SO GREAT!  
He smiles, his eyes crinkle, he laughs and tries to be a good spy!  
Love this guy!  
I finally had to give up, b/c he likes to hang out while I sew, and he figured out they were pj pants.  
As I'm sewing the final seam he says, "did you put a fly in them?".  HA, no, why would I think to put a fly in pj pants?!  LOL.  

I made a pair for him years ago that he still wears, they have Knight's on them!  On horses!  In armor!  Cute huh?!  Perfect for HIM!

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