Friday, October 28, 2011


I am a LOVER of Oktoberfest!
I usually go home to the mountains of Snowbird for this festivus!
This year, Mel asked me to help with her booth at Oktoberfest, how could I pass that up!  
Music, dudes (ha), and the Polka... 

Aren't we a sisterly pair!  

These guys were dressed to the 9's!!! 
LOVE the German Guido Polka outfits!  
I asked Guido #1 and he said he made their hats!  
He is very familiar w/ Hobby Lobby!  (Now that's a real man!)
I had to give him props for creativity!!!
Only one bad was any good... Dry River Yacht Club
kinda folksy and hip!  Dance-able (my #1 qualification for good music!)
The guys were plentiful - which made for a fun day!

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Kirsten said...

how fun! love the hobby lobby hats! Prost!