Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reading, Reading all the day...

I've always loved to READ!
My Dad used to read to us every night when we were chicklets!
I always saw my parents reading.  
In college it was really hard to not read fun books - I don't think I ever completed a text book tho.

Presently, I'm in 3 (yes 3) book clubs! 
How does one accomplish this... whilst working out 5 days a week and working full time...
Some I get at the library on cd and listen to while sewing or cleaning (let's be honest, cleaning?!) or while doing mundane tasks at work like invoicing and entering bills.

I think I got thru (reading and listening), 4 books a month - since July.
I love updating my Shelfari and adding books I want to read that people recommend.  
I love that it makes me organized and remember what I've read.  

3 notable selections as of late are: 

People of the Book

It was recommended by my friend Carrie and IT IS WONDERFUL!!!!
Amazing story of an ancient Jewish book and how this old book has clues about where it has come from.  Then the author flashes back and tells the story about the clue.  
i.e. The butterfly wing on the front - found a wing in the binding, the story of how the wing got there, is beautiful!  


2nd:  The Book Thief
My Mom recommended this one, it's over 500 pgs and finally, someone did it for book club.
It's BEAUTIFULLY written - the language is very unique and how the story is told from the point of view of 'death', I like to think of him as Mr. Death.  He really becomes a character and has a heart.  Takes place during WW2 and it's about a little girl who loves books! 

3rd:  The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit
I loved this, it was recommended by 2 gals I work w/ at ASU, one prof, one a gal from Egypt!
This book starts in Egypt, told by a daughter and is a TRUE STORY!  
About a family from Egypt, and inthe 60's when the Jew's were driven out and they had to either migrate to the US or to Israel, leaving behind EVERYTHING, centuries of family heirlooms etc.
It's a story of what we make of ourselves.  Read it,  you'll love and admire your Dad!
I cried on the plane at how much I love my Dad and how amazing he is!

Reading is great, I highly recommend it.  
To me, it makes my daily life and trials slip away for a bit :)