Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Top 12 Tuesday - Random cell pics

I've been photo-ing a lot lately.  
Here's the Top 12 from my cell for the month!
Cute Toesies w/ Kirsten - She gets to take her new cute toes to Italy and Paris!!!
Mel and I at Bryn's ward Talent Show!!  Brynnie did SO great on her solo!!
Melanie's Birthday!
Is this fog???  Sunshine?  No, too much Misters at the mall!
Jupiter!!  In the North sky from my farmhouse!
It's HUGE!
What would possess me to buy this HUGE soap... that I can barely hold in my tiny hand?
The Dollar Store is very entertaining on a Friday night!
Even diet DOTS are $1  They must work like a charm!
The perfect OREO dipping tool to not get your fingers dunked!
A Shrimp Fork!
This GORGEOUS (almost Fall) Grey Cloudy Sky!!!
Look at the Light Hole!!!
So cool!
AZ Sunsets really can't be beat!!
Aaaaaand.... The UTES smooshed the Cougars!!  Whoot!

hope you enjoyed my 'eyes'!

1 comment:

Kirsten said...

whose lawn is that?!?! love it! do you know how they did it? and the oreo dunking fork is genius.

I might have to copy your top (10? 12?) Tuesday phone picture post sometime... very fun idea.