Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthdays

Today was my favorite person's Birthday!  
MK!  My Mother!  
Happy Happy Birthday Mother dear!!
I found these cute shoes to 'honor' her!  ha.  
Purple!  quilted!  with a big MK emblem on the toe!
So us chicklets all went in and Austin picked them up and wrapped them beautifully!  
Our Mom taught us to wrap real nice!  ;)
I pondered these... 
But seriously, who wears a size 9 1/2?! (sorry ladies!)

Lately, my little lady mouth has popped off - a lot!  ah!  
So I've decided to make a swear jar.
I'm gonna have to keep it at work...
It will be too heavy to carry home daily.  HA!

Saturday night for Suz's b-day we were going to go Night Swimming at the lake!  
How fun is that? !!
Well, it was pouring!  Seriously torrential rain. 
( I just wanted to say torrential! ha) 
We went to Cheesecake Factory instead - drenched I might add.
This dude at the bar was ALL over his date. 
Pulling her shirt down, kissing her back, playing with her hair...
and throwing her head back to kiss the front of her neck.  
SICK!  We're trying to eat here buddy.  LOL
I see this gal walk up and say something to him, he gets SO mad and then... 
storms out!  Leaving his date sitting there.
I realize, it's a gal from our table!  HA!  
She went up to him and said, 
"Could you please not rape your date at the bar in public, while people are trying to eat?!"
Ha ha ha ha ha.  Awesome!  Gutsy!

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Kirsten said...

that is very gutsy of her. bravo.