Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sweatin to the Oldies

Last night was FUN

Tuesday night, Date Night w/ CJS & Miss. Abby

They were swimming, I had showered after working out
Good thing I didn't swim, too many chem-chem's made them itchy

I've been ITCHY and BuMpY for 2 weeks now - 

Abby wanted to do 'JUST DANCE', this FUNN wii game
Good Music!!  Fun songs!!  (could I say Fun any more?)

Abby said, "I don't want to do it w/ Chelsa"
Cara said, "Why not?"
Abby, "She's looks better than me"
Um, NOT TRUE!! At ALL, um... Me vs. a 7yr old gymnist?  YA
I said, "Abbs, it's just this song, just b/c this is how we danced in High School".  
Baaaa ha ha ha ha ha!  True that... Madonna, Cris Cross... LOL

So, we danced 5 dances.  I was SwEaTy!!
The fan wasn't cuttin it.
Cara said, "come outside I'll spritz you off with the hose!"
I walk outside and she hoses me off like a dirty piglet!
Well, what's a girl to do, standing there drippin... 
Jump on the WET TRAMPOLINE!  

Then come inside, wrapped in a towel and lay under the cool fan!  
I was 104 degrees at 9pm.  Hello Summer!

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